About Lemniscaat

Lemniscaat is one of the oldest and best known children’s book publishers in Holland. Founded in 1963 by the parents of the current publisher, and still independent today, Lemniscaat represents a unique, high-quality list of authors and illustrators.

The Personal Touch

Lemniscaat is a small, warm-hearted company, where editors, designers, representatives and promotional staff work closely together; where every talent is guided in a personal way; where authors and illustrators are invited to visit the publishers’ home – a converted farmhouse – and have dinner at their kitchen table.

The Soul of Lemniscaat

Picture books, fairy tales, children’s books, novels… even tactile picture books for the blind.
What connects the Lemniscaat titles are a passion for real-life people – authors, illustrators and readers – and the belief that books can contribute to a better world.
A book can earn its place at Lemniscaat only if it is unique, if it creates a world of its own. A world of vibrant, vivid colours, painted with lines and colours in picture books, or painted in words in children’s books or young-adult fiction.

A world where there’s no shying away from burdensome topics, but where a spirit of humour and the ability to put things in perspective leave the reader with a contented feeling – whether the response has been laughter, tears, or both.
In short: a World of Wonder.

Our list

With all this in mind, Lemniscaat publishes a rich and internationally appealing collection.
Award-winning fiction and picture books reflect the colourful and inspiring international heritage the Dutch, at the crossroads of Europe, are famous for – a strong list of beautiful and engaging books for all ages. Great artists as Van Gogh, Seurat, Vermeer, Mirò and Picasso inspire our illustrators. Through picture books, Lemniscaat opens the doors to this enchanting and rich European culture.
The wide variety of authors and illustrators published at Lemniscaat win awards nationally
and internationally for the quality of their work.

Lemniscaat International

Lemniscaat is an internationally established publisher, selling rights to a broad range of publishers worldwide and buying rights from all over the world. Over the years, unique publishing relationships have been established to enable the Lemniscaat list to transcend borders.
Lemniscaat has its own list in the Netherlands, China, Italy, the UK and the USA.